When people generally think of RVs, what usually pops into their minds is the mammoth, somewhat intimidating behemoths that are akin to traveling mansions.

But, according to a report by the Albuquerque Journal, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, say Darryl Wilson and Steve Dunphy of Vantastic Vans.

The two are veteran salesmen of recreational vehicles and thought there might be a market for folks who wanted something a little more manageable.

That’s why when they opened Vantastic Vans in 1990, they focused on smaller vehicles.

“We had worked for the larger dealerships and we thought maybe it was time to try it on our own,” Dunphy said. “We specialize in the smaller RV because we thought it would be a nice little niche market.”

It’s actually a rare thing, he said, as there are very few dealerships across the country that do specialize in the smaller RVs.

While space may be a premium in the smaller version, there are numerous benefits, Wilson said.

“It’s easy to drive,” he said. “It’s easy to park. It fits in a regular parking space. It’s fully self-contained.”

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