Queenstown, New Zealand-based UBCO rolled out a new range of products at UBCON19. According to a press release, the event attracts distributors, dealers and partners from around the world

“By providing a range of vehicles, power supplies, accessories and subscription software, we are delivering an integrated product set that leverages the benefit of modern electric drive and battery technology,” said CEO Timothy Allan.

UBCO launched the following at UBCON19 in Queenstown:

  • Two variants of the 5th generation 2×2 utility bike.
  • Three variants of the KXH portable power system.
  • The Freeride trail bike FRX1.
  • A Limited Edition UBCO 3 Wise Men Urban 2×2 with a complete xapsule range of clothing and accessories from 3 Wise men.
  • Fully integrated telematics for both 4th and 5th generation 2×2 enabling advanced individual and fleet management.
  • UBCO Journeys – a docked ridesharing business targeting Tourism locations globally.

This continues to support the commercial growth in the business as they recently moved past 100 dealers globally. With production scaling to meet demand with new appointments in engineering, and supply chain in both New Zealand and Asia.

2020 2×2 Utility Bike

The UBCO 2×2 has had four generations in use, and the 5th edition sees a range of advancements delivered through the introduction of two new models. Both bikes share a common new generation drive train and power system, vehicle management system, telematics, control clusters, frame and structure, significantly enhancing the application utility of both bikes.

KXH Portable Power System

Portable power has been at the core of the 2×2 modular design since the outset with the power accessible off the console. In 2020, it  transitioned to a completely stand-alone product capable of working both inside and outside the vehicle. This new product comes in a rugged exo-frame with multiple directions to carry and use.  With 12-volt and 5-volt ports, it can power a wide range of devices with our largest total capacity of 60Ah.

FRX1 – Electric drive trail bike

The FRX1 is one of the new wave of lightweight free ride trail bikes that don’t compromise on power but can deliver n a very lightweight envelope. It extends the core range providing additional power for hard to reach places.

UBCO 3 Wise Men – Limited Edition Bike

A collaboration between two kiwi companies, leading menswear company 3 Wise Men and UBCO collaborated to create an urban bike. The design features a handcrafted leather seat, new deep midnight paint job, leather battery belt, tan diagonally patterned pillow grips and black drop mirrors, new machined polycarbonate headlight lens, leather key ring, and a special rack for the canvas leather satchel that comes with each bike.