New Zealand retirees are opting out of high priced coastal properties and turning to luxury RVs as a holiday option, according to a new local motorhome company.

Voxy reported that Open Road, a division of JUCY, has seen significant sales of its luxury second-hand motorhomes to Kiwi customers aged 50 years and over.

Dan Alpe, the COO of JUCY, said at a recent expo this age group purchased more than $500,000 worth of RVs in one weekend.

“These buyers have disposable income due to downsizing from a family home, or those who are about to retire,” he says.

“Traditionally they would have been the people buying a luxury home at the beach, but that isn’t an option for a lot of people now due to property prices, while others don’t want to be tied to the same location all the time.”

Alpe says the luxury motorhomes offer a fully self-contained holiday home, and those buying them opt for every bell and whistle on offer. “People want everything now – satellite TV, an awning that comes out from the side to sit under when stopped, and solar panels,” he explains.

The motorhomes, which have been rented out for one season with JUCY before sale, provide travellers with the ability to stay overnight at remote locations around New Zealand that don’t offer accommodation, and allow them to take their time seeing the country.

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