The North American Trailer Dealers Association’s (NATDA) has completed its first industrywide survey, the NATDA Dealer Satisfaction Report, giving manufacturers an accurate report of dealers’ confidence levels in their products and services.

According to a press release, the confidential survey provided dealers an opportunity to anonymously rank all their manufacturers in a variety of key categories. With the results, manufacturers now have non-biased rankings, indicating the areas where they can improve.

The individual results will remain confidential for each manufacturer, but the combined averages of all manufacturers provide an idea of where dealers would like to see the industry develop.

NATDA reported that dealers are generally pleased with the industry’s overall trailer design, reliability and quality, giving them the highest marks in the survey. However, it also indicated that shipping lead time and a lack of digital media support is still plaguing the industry.

For the Dealer Satisfaction Report’s full rankings, please see below.