In conjunction with this year’s National Park Week from April 15-23, the National Park Service and the National Park Foundation has launched Parks 101, an ongoing series of hidden histories that showcase unexpected stories and experiences from America’s national parks and programs.

An extension of the Find Your Park movement, Parks 101 also marks the 101st year of the National Park Service. From celebrities to local heroes and National Park Service Rangers, diverse narrators will call upon people everywhere to dig a little deeper and discover more of the lesser-known stories across the National Park System and about the National Park Service and National Park Foundation. Through immersive content coupled with buzzworthy events, park enthusiasts will connect more deeply with and be inspired to support national parks.

“The National Park Service turned 100 in 2016, but the party isn’t over! There are even more ways to Find Your Park in 2017,” said Acting National Park Service Director Michael T. Reynolds. “During National Park Week, and throughout the year, we invite visitors to learn something new about a favorite park or visit lesser-known parks, trails, heritage areas, and other extraordinary sites throughout the country — from their own neighborhoods to faraway places. Whether someone is a long-time park visitor or yet to make a first trip, we want everyone to discover something different and exciting about their national parks.”

One of the first narrators is actor/recording artist Jordan Fisher, recent star of Broadway’s “Hamilton,” who will post a Facebook Live from Hamilton Grange National Memorial at 6 p.m. Wednesday (April 19) to share the enduring history of Alexander Hamilton’s life and final home. An introductory video showcasing lesser- known national park sites will also launch this month.

“I’m honored to join the National Park Foundation to tell the story of Hamilton Grange, a uniquely American place that means a lot to me,” said Fisher. “I am in awe of the history of the parks, and want to do my part to highlight the importance of preserving and protecting them so future generations can enjoy them, too.”

“The Parks 101 series will showcase the breadth of our National Park System through unique stories that show people that our national parks and their programs have something for everyone,” said Will Shafroth, president of the National Park Foundation. “We are also helping them understand the important role they can play in the preservation of national parks by supporting the efforts of the National Park Foundation and local philanthropic community.”

Be part of the National Park Week fun and join the conversation using #FindYourPark, #EncuentraTuParque, and #NPS101 on social media.