National RV Inc., Perris, Calif., reported gains in market share over the past several months, resulting in a No. 6 ranking among Class A manufacturers for January, according to data from Statistical Surveys Inc.
National RV, a subsidiary of Perris-based National RV Holdings Inc., said the ranking returns the company to market share levels achieved in February 2002. Combined with sister company Country Coach Inc., Junction City, Ore., the two firms represented 8.3% of the Class A market in January.
“We are delighted to be outperforming the industry,” stated John Draheim, senior vice president of National RV. “We have experienced a surge in market share since the fourth quarter of 2005. Our January increase occurred in a marketplace in which the industry was down 29% year-over-year for Class A coaches.”
The company said since September 2005, National RV’s Class A gas lineup has acquired 8.9% of the marketplace – representing a 27% increase in market share in that time period – while the diesel market share also increased.
National RV also said it is launching new brands to “expand into market segments in which we do not yet compete.”