Investors bid up the price of National RV Holdings Inc. stock on Monday (Feb. 9), possibly in anticipation of the company’s fourth-quarter and yearly earnings report, originally scheduled for release today (Feb. 10).
However, National RV, which also is the parent of highline motorhome manufacturer Country Coach, announced early today it would delay the release until Feb. 17.
Because National RV will be issuing its year-end financial report, which must be audited, it has until the end of March each year to do so.
National RV stock gained $1.05 a share, or 11%, in New York Stock Exchange trading on Monday to close at $10.45 a share. The 52-week high for the company’s stock is $12.10 and the 52-week low is $3.75.
Meanwhile, two other RV manufacturers, Monaco Coach Corp. and Fleetwood Enterprises Inc., both saw their stocks reach new 52-week highs on Monday.
Monaco’s stock reached a high of $27.78 before closing at $27.70 on Monday, up 7 cents for the trading session.
Fleetwood’s shares set a new 52-week high at $12.75 before closing at $12.60, up 24 cents for the day.
Analysts say investors have bid the prices of several RV company stocks up to new highs, or near new highs, in recent weeks because they believe the strengthening economy, along with low interest rates and the huge number of Americans entering their prime RV buying years, will make the RV market continue to grow.