The National RV Inc. subsidiary of National RV Holdings Inc. will return to its roots and focus more on developing lower- to midpriced gas Class A motorhomes, said Brad Albrechtsen, president and CEO of the New York Stock Exchange-listed holding company.
Albrechtsen spoke with RVBUSINESS.COM after National RV Holdings Inc. announced on Tuesday (Sept. 24) a management shake-up that included the resignation of National RV Inc. President Michael Jacques and the return of National RV Inc. co-founder Wayne Mertes to the leadership role at the Perris, Calif.-based subsidiary.
Terry Muir, National RV Inc.’s vice president of sales and marketing, also resigned and was replaced by company marketing veteran Joe McDermott.
Albrechtsen said Jacques “didn’t work out” in part because his background is in highline diesel pushers. Jacques joined National RV Inc. in April 2001, leaving Oregon-based highline diesel-pusher maker SMC Corp., and he became National RV Inc.’s president in August 2001.
Currently, National RV Inc. has “virtually no gas Class A’s” priced to retail below $100,000, which is a problem because the company’s manufacturing plants in Southern California were built to be “high-volume facilities,” Albrechtsen said.
“We won’t abandon what we’ve done in diesel, but gas has been neglected,” he added. “Wayne (Mertes) will assist in product development to regain market share in gas.”
Gas Class A’s in the $70,000 to $90,000 retail price range will get particular emphasis, Albrechtsen said.