Navistar LPGA Classic is going to be held according to its schedule — from Sept. 20-23 in Prattville, Ala. — despite a shakeup in the Navistar management.

The news of shakeup in the Navistar’s upper management triggered concerns of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) officials and players as they wondered what impact the management shakeup was going to have on one of the most prestigious LPGA tournaments, bettor.com reported.

Now that the company has undergone the change in senior management, the LPGA officials are keen to announce that the Navistar LPGA Classic is not going to be hurt, and it will be held according to its schedule.

Although players are happy to see the tournament’s schedule intact, the Navistar officials said that they will definitely be coming up with new plans regarding the sponsorship of the LPGA event for the future.

Navistar, which has been operating for years and boasts a massive presence in the market, was troubled by its engine strategy that put a drag on the company’s profitability.

Under pressure due to failure of the engine strategy, the CEO Daniel Ustian announced his immediate retirement.

Despite being hit by operational issues, the Navistar management responded quickly to the growing concerns of LPGA stars and officials, saying the tournament will remain intact. However, the company’s officials did not tell what they plan to do about the future events of the tournament.

Steve Schrier, a spokesman for the Navistar, said the company’s officials are glad that they are going to stage another edition of the tournament and hope for the best.

“Dan Ustian’s retirement from Navistar will have no impact on our plans for this year’s Navistar LPGA Classic and we look forward to another great event in September,” Schrier said.

“We are currently re-evaluating all of our sponsorship initiatives, including our investment in the LPGA. We have developed a long-standing partnership with the LPGA and the team at (the) Robert Trent Jones (golf course) and we will provide clarity on future commitments later this year.”

The spokesman pointed out that the company wants to stick to Prattville in future as well, as most of the LPGA stars like the course.