Bill Osborne

Editor’s Note: The following is a column authored by Navistar RV President Bill Osborne that appeared in the company’s monthly newsletter reaffirming his commitment to product quality and customer service.

Let me begin by telling you that my vision is for Navistar RV to be one of growth and success founded on “three key elements” – product quality, innovation, and a renewed focus on customer care.

Our intent is to build the finest coaches in the industry, period. This isn’t going to be accomplished by launching some special initiatives. We will accomplish it by organizing ourselves to do it, setting higher standards for ourselves, and living up to those standards. It simply has to become part of our DNA and we have to improve on it every day.

At over a year in my role as President, I am still a newcomer, but my 30-plus years in the global and domestic auto sectors have uniquely prepared me for my job. Some of my past experiences include president of both Ford Australia and Ford Canada, as well as heading up Ford’s North American Truck Engineering group, where I led the development of award-winning products like the F150 and Super-duty line of pickup trucks. Previously I also served as the CEO of Federal Signal Corp. and as a member of the board of directors at Navistar.

Of course, none of my past roles makes me an expert in the RV business. But I do bring a wealth of experience and some fresh thinking to the table that I leverage as we build the RVs our customers want to own and enjoy.

I’m sure you expect an ex-Ford guy to talk about improving quality. And you’re right! That means that I’m not going to tell you that it will be done quickly or that we will be an overnight success. It is hard work and it is going to take time. But we have established the culture, processes and commitment to make it happen. With regard to service, I know that our customers want a no-hassle, worry-free experience with our products. Along with quality we have enhanced our service capabilities by reopening our Wakarusa, Ind., service center which joins our Coburg, Ore., service center. I have tasked my team to build upon our great service to define and deliver the optimal service experience through our world-class service centers and our dealer partners.

A great example of the direction we’re going in the future is the expansion of Navistar RV’s service capabilities in the Southeast region. In March, I was proud to announce Alliance Coach in Wildwood, Florida joined our family as our first Platinum Sales and Service Center. This new center is a welcome addition to our dedicated regional service locations in Wakarusa, IN and Coburg, OR. The Platinum Service Center is part of my long-term commitment to establish a network of elite sales and service centers to provide our customers with superior regional product support.

As we raise the bar for ourselves, on quality, on innovation, and on service, we wouldn’t be doing justice to our customers if we didn’t ask the same commitment by our dealer network. We continue to work together to define how our dealers should market, sell and service our next generation of Navistar RV customers. As we grow our dealer network, I can promise you, we are focusing on dealership quality and not quantity.