Houston Rockets rookie Royce White says he enjoys the open road, and he’ll get a chance to see some of it this week as he travels by recreational vehicle to the team’s exhibition games in New Orleans and Orlando.

White, who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder that can manifest itself in discomfort during airplane travel, said Tuesday he has an RV lined up for his trip to the two cities and that the Rockets have agreed to pick up his travel costs for the year.

“Since it’s a medical thing and it’s also kind of a team thing, the Rockets were stellar in saying we’ll pick (the costs) up,” he said. “(They said) we want to support you in any way. None of the other players pay to travel, so we want to help you be able to get to games how you need to as well.

“It’s incredible. Words can’t explain how much gratitude I have toward the organization for that.”

He said the NBA “isn’t going to fight the Rockets on trying to support me, and that’s a really positive thing. It says a lot about the league and the organization.”

White said his road schedule will be determined in large part by pregame shootaround times. He will fly, for example, to Houston’s opening regular season games in Detroit on Oct. 31 and Atlanta on Nov. 2 because driving would not be practical.

“It always depends on what time shootaround is the next day,” he said. “If I can make it (by driving), in 12 hours, I’ll try to do it, but I don’t want to cut it too close. It’s important for me to be there at shootarounds, especially as a rookie.”