No Dirty Water (NDW) has partnered with Clearsource RV have introduced the Boondocker water purification system designed to let RVers access clean water while off-the-grid.

“With increasing concerns about water safety and quality, NDW and Clearsource developed a novel solution to help RVers access clean, safe drinking water directly from any fresh water source when camping in back country locations,” said Stuart Price, founder of Clearsource RV, in a press release. “The Boondocker provides RVers with peace of mind, knowing that they will have access to clean water that is safe for drinking, no matter where their adventures lead them.”

The Boondocker system provides a three-phase treatment process including: a five-micron filter that removes sediment and particulates; a highly advanced 0.02 sub-micron filter that further reduces those same contaminants, as well as pesticides, heavy metals, and more; and an NDW activated oxygen/ozone-based purification process that disinfects the water from common contaminants like E.Coli, coliform and legionella while improving taste and smell.

The Boondocker also integrates a Shurflo water pump into the self-contained system allowing users to draw water directly from lakes, streams and rivers directly into their fresh water holding tanks.

The Boondocker, offering OEM or aftermarket applications, include:

  • The integrated design includes a leading edge filter to remove particulates and microbes, while the NDW activated oxygen system effectively kills viruses and microbes while removing unpleasant tastes and odors. The result is great-tasting water no matter where your RV is parked. The NDW activated oxygen system offers the added benefit of sanitizing every aspect of the RVs plumbing system where it comes in contact.
  • The integrated pump allows users to draw water directly from lakes, streams and rivers, with the flexibility to disengage the pump when using pressurized water at campground hookups.
  • The Boondocker allows campers to explore the wilderness without worrying about carrying extra bottled water, avoiding the waste and extra weight.
  • The Boondocker system will be offered to consumers with a full 2-year warranty to provide added peace of mind.

Dave Boggs, general manager at Venture RV, noted, “We developed the Sonic-X specifically with advanced technological features and innovative solutions to enable RV users to escape their everyday lives and experience adventure off the grid.  With the Boondocker system, we were able to solve one of the most fundamental needs while exploring, the need for clean water when camping far from traditional campgrounds.”