No Dirty Water (NDW), in conjunction with Ozotech, introduced a compact retrofit, high-performance water purification system that also eliminates iron stains and rotten egg odor caused by sulfur from the water in RVs. 

“Over the past six months we have been working with Stu Brabant, general manager of Gillette’s Interstate RV, with great success,” said NDW co-founder John Sztykiel in a press release. “The NDW system is compact, approximately the size of one shoebox. The fact that it purifies up to 2,880 gallons a day is unheard of. Better yet, those rust or iron stains and rotten egg small have been eliminated. The NDW system also removes the minerals, such as ferrous iron, that cause discoloration of hair.” 

Ozotech VP of Engineering Steve Christiansen offered, “NDW’s patented two-stage system of activated oxygen/ozone and filtration accomplishes what others do not. The O3 molecule or activated oxygen neutralizes the iron and sulfur. In essence, they become inert thus their effects are eliminated.

NDW’s water purification system is on display at Booth No. 4322 at this week’s RVX