Texas’ land commissioner said Thursday (Jan. 4) officials are working as fast as they can to put thousands of Harvey victims in temporary housing, while also dealing with red tape, and protecting against potential fraud.

Commissioner George P. Bush told reporters the General Land Office (GLO) didn’t have many mobile homes or RVs in its inventory when Harvey hit because the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) had auctioned off most of them before the storm, according to KHOU.

Bush also said FEMA didn’t approach the GLO until three weeks after Harvey hit and it took another three weeks to launch a plan that includes six temporary housing initiatives.

“We were tapped a month after the fact to create a brand-new program out of thin air,” said Bush. “In retrospect, if we could wave the magic wand, we go back in time, we have the state sponsor appointed before the storm, you have your pre-positioned contracts in place, and you have a willing federal government to say that a direct repair program is the best policy to keep mortgage borrowers in their homes.”

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