Small JPG LogoThe New England RV Dealer’s Association (NERVDA) is partnering with a newly opened Cabela’s store at Highland Commons in Hudson, Mass. NERVDA reported in a press release that the cooperative marketing event is designed to show Cabela’s customers how to enjoy all their great outdoor activities in an RV.

The special event will take place on June 13-14 at the store’s planned outdoor activities weekend with special Father’s Day sale items to draw in larger than normal crowds.

NERVDA is planning to display one of each type of RV from truck campers to large motorhomes. The association will conduct a lottery of their dealer members to determine which dealerships will display each type of RV included in the exhibit.

Brian Sullivan, president of NERVDA noted, “This is an exciting opportunity for our dealers to reach a new audience of outdoor enthusiasts and introduce them to the enjoyment of their activities in an RV. It is another example of our association providing value to our members beyond traditional methods that have worked in the past, such as shows and open house activities.”

The store is located in a large shopping center that includes a Lowe’s, BJ’s Warehouse, Market Basket supermarket and many other stores. Cabela’s 100,000-square-foot store has been drawing several thousand shoppers each day and significantly more when they have special events, such as this exhibit.

Marti Rudy, Retail Marketing Manager at the new Cabela’s store said, “We are so excited to have NERVDA here! Our recent ‘Disconnect Day’ campaign is designed to persuade people to leave their electronic devices home for a day and get outdoors to appreciate the simple things in life that we can lose contact with by turning on a device. The RV community already knows how valuable that experience is. The outdoor fun products that Cabela’s has to offer enhances that outdoor experience, maximizing quality, and everyone wins.”

NERVDA Executive Director Bob Zagami will be presenting four seminars on Saturday, and four more on Sunday, that will introduce Cabela’s customers to the RV lifestyle and the enjoyment of family camping.

Zagami said, “We have been watching the development of Cabela’s first store in Massachusetts for a few years now. We hope to duplicate our success with this event at the other two stores in New England in Scarborough, ME and East Hartford, CT. It was important for us to partner with our state campground owner associations and have them in attendance to show all the great opportunities RVers have to enjoy thousands of campgrounds in the six New England states.