NERVDA logoThe New England RV Dealers Association (NERVDA) made its first-ever donation to the Mike Molino RV Learning Center. According to a press release, the six-state dealer association was reorganized in 2013 and is finishing up its second strong year of “delivering value to dealers” throughout New England.

Brian Sullivan, president of NERVDA and Campers Inn manager, noted, “We were so impressed with the quality and variety of presentations at the recently concluded Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) convention in Las Vegas, that our board felt an obligation to show our support for RVDA and the education and training they make available to dealers nationwide. We are very pleased to be able to present a $1,000 donation to the learning center.”

Bob Zagami, NERVDA Executive Director, added, “We wanted to follow the lead of the Minnesota RVDA that is the only state association to make a contribution to the RV Learning Center. We will be the second dealer association to show our support for the education and training our members receive from RVDA.”

Jeff Hirsch, immediate past RVDA chairman and president and CEO of Campers Inn, stated, “I am very proud of the team in New England. Less than two years ago they reorganized NERVDA and had no money in the bank and no members. Less than two years later they are financially sound, have 34 dealer/supplier members, two successful shows and have produced over ten educational events. They are now in a position to ‘pay it forward’ with this contribution to the Learning Center.”

RVDA President Phil Ingrassia said, “The strong rebound of our industry continued this year and it was reflected in the increased attendance at our annual convention and the valuable programs and learning experience we were able to deliver in Las Vegas. Contributions, like this one from NERVDA, will provide us with the support needed to build upon this success in future years.”