Editor’s Note: The following Q&A by the Cleveland Plain Dealer features luxury motorhome builder Advanced RV’s founder Mike Neundorfer. The company is based in Willoughby, Ohio.

What’ll a customized Mercedes Benz motor home run me?

Mike: Around a quarter of a million.

What’ll I get for my money?

Mike: We buy a chassis already customized for you, painted your color, with your safety and comfort options in the front. Then we build your custom home inside it, doing all kinds of things for the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen…

Most every Advanced RV coach has a refrigerator/freezer, microwave, kitchen counter and sink, induction cooktop, shower, toilet, bathroom sink, heat, hot water, insulated plumbing, queen-plus beds… We have built in child beds and bunk beds and installed sound systems. We upgrade sound and thermal insulation. We upgrade suspensions. We include powered vents, air conditioning, skylights, sun roofs and solar power.

We have created different spaces for dogs and cats. We did one for a parrot with separate heating, cage suspension, lighting, and ventilation.

We specialize in Mercedes-Benz Sprinter motor homes. We mainly do 19-footers and 24-footers. They’re mostly for travelers, but we do some retail ones too. We did a mobile dental office. We did a high-end retail truck for a local family business.

We also build rugged, off-road, 4 by 4 models with inside and top room for bikes and gear.

Who can afford them?

Mike: Our clients are the most engaged people you could imagine. They’re from almost every state. One’s the former head of R&D at a big tech company. Then there’s a doctor at a local hospital. She calls her RV her woman cave. She drives it to work. She goes out there to make a nice lunch and listen to classical music. She goes back to work refreshed.

We have several single women who don’t have another house. They live in these and travel in them. But most customers are couples and split the driving.

The clients are a community. There’s a Facebook group. They meet. Every year, we have an open house. Last year, we had 25, 30 clients come back with their RVs.

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