The new line of RV ovens and ranges being built by Atwood Mobile Products will not require RV manufacturers to alter their floorplans or make technical changes to accommodate them, according to Larry Lebryk, Atwood’s international sales manager.
The new Atwood ovens and ranges, built without Harper-Wyman components, will be “marginally” more expensive than those including Harper-Wyman parts, Lebryk said.
The new Atwood models, using components from seven different suppliers, including two located overseas, also will be the same size at the ovens and ranges built with Harper-Wyman components. Additionally, no new technician training will be required to service the new Atwood ovens and ranges build without Harper-Wyman parts.
A key feature of Atwood’s new ovens is mercury-free thermostats. Although new to the RV industry, mercury-free thermostat suppliers already exist because, for example, Europeans have used more environmentally friendly mercury-free oven thermostats for years, Lebryk said.
Harper-Wyman plans to introduce a mercury-free thermostat for RV ovens and ranges during the fourth quarter of this year, Lebryk added.
Atwood, a unit of DURA Automotive Systems Inc., will continue building RV ovens without Harper-Wyman parts after Harper-Wyman solves its output and quality control problems in an estimated four to six weeks. However, Atwood also will continue building RV ovens using Harper-Wyman components to reduce the chances of the RV industry ever having to face another RV oven shortage again due to a shortage of parts from a sole-source supplier, Lebryk added.