Gulf Stream BT Cruiser

With the introduction of two optional exterior paint schemes, the Gulf Stream Coach BT Cruiser is responding to “the style and individuality of a sizable group of potential customers,” according to a press release. 

“Many former owners of large, extravagant motorhomes love that our BT Cruisers give them a way to downsize the cost and improve the drivability of their RVs without giving up the luxury and rugged durability they’re used to,” said Bob FitzSimmons, Gulf Stream motorized sales representative. “These buyers are willing to indulge in luxuries, and they love using deluxe exterior painted graphics to say something about their style and personality.”

Gulf Stream Coach Designer Sue Feideke commented, “The new optional paint designs for BT Cruiser make bold, dramatic statements, using concentric ellipses and complementary colors in high-gloss automotive paint. The design suggests motion and ties the varied surfaces of the BT Cruiser exterior together.” 

FitzSimmons added, “Pictures of the new paint designs posted on Instagram and Facebook quickly became the most ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ images in recent memory. The new exterior paint options give BT Cruiser buyers one more way to downsize their RV without downsizing their RV lifestyle or personality.”

Gulf Stream will be showing the new BT Cruiser during the Sept. 24-27 Elkhart RV Open House.