Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 4.02.23 PMAbout 30,000 copies of the premiere issue of ROVA, a brand new, highly stylized RV lifestyle consumer magazine focusing on Millennials and Gen Xers, hit the newsstands Tuesday (Feb. 28). Gemma Peckham, the magazine’s publisher and editor, reported to RVBUSINESS.com that the launch has received “terrific feedback” from readers.

“Although Tuesday was the official launch date, some of the retailers had already put the magazines out on the shelves, and we’ve had some really great feedback from the readers who picked it up,” Peckham said. “There were lots of people who were saying it’s the type of magazine that they’ve been waiting for. They’re telling me that it’s different and they love the way that it looks and they love the content. I think a lot of the younger RVers out there are really happy to have something that caters to them.”

ROVA — a combination of “road vacations” and “recreational vehicles” — is the first North American title for Executive Media, an Australian publishing firm with dozens of magazines in its “Down Under” stable, including Caravanning Australia.

Pekham said it was somewhat of a challenge to convince potential advertisers to invest in a product sight unseen that was published by “a foreign company they never heard of.” Accordingly, ROVA canvassed the North American RV industry, even going so far as to print a mockup which they distributed at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky., in order to secure advertisers.

“I think the thing that really helped us is, in doing this magazine, we’re filling a bit of a gap in the market. A lot of people were really intrigued by the concept of an RV magazine for younger people,” she said.

“A lot of the publications that are out there are geared toward retired people,” she continued. “I think that’s because they are the largest group that has been traveling. So when we were approaching advertisers with this concept, their interest was piqued just because of the different nature of it. Hopefully what we’ve printed shows them that they did the right thing by investing in the product, because I think it turned out really well.”

The next issue of the quarterly magazine will publish at the end of May — issues are scheduled to launch just prior to the start of each season — and Pekham said they’re planning a number of features, including a focus on teardrop trailers. ROVA is available via subscription or at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and other specialty retailers.