The new head of Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. could be hired as soon as next summer, according to Kathy Snyder, the Riverside, Calif.-based company’s director of investor relations.

An executive search is needed because Fleetwood Chairman Glenn Kummer, 67, announced on Monday (Feb. 11) that he has retired and company President and CEO Nelson Potter, 58, resigned.

“The search has already begun in the sense that we have engaged (executive search firm) Korn/Ferry,” Snyder said. “A meeting will take place later this week in which more detailed parameters about the type of candidate the (Fleetwood) Board is looking for will be decided.”

The goal is to complete the search in four to six months, but Snyder added, “It’s more important to find the best possible candidate than to make the search fit into a particular timetable.”

Although Kummer remains on the Fleetwood board, he was replaced as chairman, on an interim basis, by Thomas B. Pitcher, an outside director on Fleetwood’s board.

Meanwhile, Potter resigned from his seat on the Fleetwood board and he was replaced, also on an interim basis, by David Engelman, another Fleetwood outside director.

An executive search committee has been formed that includes Pitcher, Engelman and Loren Carroll, president and CEO of Houston-based M-I LLC, a drilling and fluid-handling supplier to the petroleum industry. Carroll also is a Fleetwood outside director.

The search committee will consider candidates from inside and outside of Fleetwood, Snyder said. People inside and outside of the RV and manufactured home industries also will be considered, she said.