One of the new owners for luxury motorhome manufacturer Foretravel Inc. has adopted an up close and personal approach to managing the company.
According to a report in the East Texas News Digest, Lyle Reed and his wife Nell not only own a Foretravel motorhome, but they’re currently living in the coach on the company’s back lot.
Customers are welcome to come in and talk business in the Reeds’ new home – once Nell hangs out the “Open” sign.
Reed, a former railroad industry executive, was part of an investor group that took over management of the family-owned company in Nacogdoches, Texas, from members of founder C.M. Fore’s family.
Since completing the transaction late last month, Reed has been intent on restructuring the company and regaining customer confidence. “We know we have our work ahead of us because any time you have difficulty, quality loses its edge, and we’re going to restore that edge,” he said.
That reassurance is important to Foretravel customers who can afford the high-dollar coaches. David Hennicke from a Chicago suburb noted, “We as customers were concerned about the company getting to the point where they wouldn’t be able to complete warranty work on our coaches. But we’re very happy now with the new people and hope they’re going to do a great job.”
Reed’s immediate goal is to get the 150 laid-off workers back on the production line. Reed wouldn’t disclose what it’s costing to restore the company, but indicated he needed to go looking for more investors.
But Reed has confidence good times are ahead for the company, noting three things that attracted him to Foretravel. “One is the heritage and reputation of Foretravel, second is the dedication of its workers, and third, Foretravel has the most loyal customers you’ll find in any production market,” he said.