Monaco’s and Winnebago’s stocks reached new 52-week highs while Fleetwood’s shares slipped to a new 52-week low in New York Stock Exchange trading today (March 4).
Monaco stock climbed as high as $29.95 a share today, shattering its previous 52-week high of $28.10, before closing at $28.98, up 88 cents for the day.
Meanwhile, Winnebago’s stock gained $2.55 a share today to close at $50.00, a new 52-week high, breaking the old mark of $48.85.
Coachmen stock also reached a new 52-week high of $19.20 today, before closing at $18.70, down 28 cents for the day.
Supplier firms Drew Industries and Spartan Motors also reached new 52-week highs today. Drew climbed to $14.99 and closed today at $14.98, up 38 cents. Spartan reached as high as $9.10 before closing at $8.80, down 3 cents.
However, Fleetwood stock declined $1.10 a share today to close at $7.60, a new 52-week low. Its previous low as $8.00 set on Friday (March 1).