The stocks of Winnebago Industries Inc. and Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. reached new 52-week highs in New York Stock Exchange trading today (Jan. 20).
After gaining $2.00 share on Friday (Jan. 16), Winnebago stock climbed $1.60 a share higher today to close at $73.50.
Earlier in today’s session, Winnebago reached $74.00 a share, surpassing its previous 52-week high of $72.05 reached on Friday.
One possible explanation for Winnebago’s sharp stock price climb in recent days is the company’s announcement on Friday that it will pay a quarterly cash dividend of 10 cents a share.
However, Winnebago is scheduled to complete a 2-for-1 split of its shares on March 5, for shareholders of record on Feb. 20. That means, when the dividend is actually paid on April 5, stockholders will get 5 cents a share because the number of Winnebago shares that they own will have doubled.
The dividend will be paid to shareholders of record as of March 5.
Meanwhile, Fleetwood shares climbed as high as $12.35 a share today, surpassing its previous 52-week high of $12.22.
Fleetwood’s stock closed today at $12.07, up 6 cents for the session.
Fleetwood did not issue any statements to the financial markets today that would explain the increase.