New Horizons RV will be hosting ambassadors group members from all across the U.S. at its headquarters in Junction City, Kan., on June 24-25. According to a press release, all ambassadors are owners of custom-built New Horizons fifth-wheels.

“Due to the factory-direct nature of our business, we formed this group as sort of an extended showroom for those who have expressed interest in our product,” said company CEO Bryan Tillett. “That way, consumers have the opportunity to visit an ambassador and see an actual coach without having to drive to Junction City.”

Ambassadors are identified on the company website by location. Interested individuals can request an appointment to visit with an ambassador, tour their RV and learn more about the New Horizons experience.

During Ambassador Days, attendees will continue to learn about the company. There will be a Q&A session, knowledge tour, a session on tips and tricks, as well as social gatherings such as a tailgate party and tour of homes.

Each ambassador will have the chance to share their RV experience with other New Horizons owners while the company has an opportunity to learn more about the full-timing lifestyle and expectations of their customers.

“It’s a win-win,” says product specialist Cole Brokenecky. “We believe we have developed a special product unlike any other in the RV industry and our ambassadors know it better than anyone else. We are excited to strengthen our relationship with them and show our appreciation for their loyalty.”