New towable lines from Eterniti Caravans

Eterniti Caravans, with operations in Goshen, Ind., is set to launch a new line of towable RVs at the Oct. 16-21 NEC Motorhome and Caravan Show in Birmingham, England, according to a press release.

“It has been a long time coming but we are finally ready,” said Brian Donat, global commercial director for Eterniti Caravans. “We are introducing our Genesis and Chronicle lines of caravans at the show that consist of six floorplans ranging in weights from 2,800 pounds to 3,900 pounds. Every floorplan introduced will include a slide system ranging from five to 13 feet.”

He noted, “We began the prototyping process here at the Goshen location last year and quickly realized that to maintain the look, touch and feel of the European styling we needed to manufacture the final product in Europe. We still plan to produce for the United States and Canadian markets out of our Goshen facility, but haven’t set any dates for a product launch. Many have tried to produce and ship overseas to different markets and I’m sure have had some success, however our plan is to build specific to each market and become a well-known global brand.”

Donat said the lines were manufactured out of the company’s headquarters in Widnes, England.

“We’ve built an excellent team of experienced individuals from both the United States and Europe to make this dream a reality,” said Phil Daniels, managing director for Eterniti Caravans. “Caravanning with a family of five in a traditional caravan, no matter how well the design, leaves you feeling enclosed and confined. The slide system design on all our Eterniti Caravan floorplans brings caravanning in the UK to a new level. Our plan is not only to sell into the current market but to offer a design incentive that will grow the market.”

Eterniti Caravans operates out of three locations in Widnes and one location in Goshen. For further information visit www.Eterniti-Caravans.com.