Concerned about reports in a neighboring jurisdiction about problems with an unkempt RV park, a New Jersey township planned to hold a public hearing today (April 22) to consider imposing what could amount to some of the toughest RV park restrictions in the nation.
Freehold Township officials have proposed amending a local ordinance to limit RVers to stays of no more than 15 consecutive days in the township’s one privately held RV park, while also prohibiting RV owners from leaving trailers or other equipment unoccupied on any campsite in the township.
Mike and Nancy Beck, who have owned and operated Freehold Township’s only private park for the past 24 years, said their 124-site Pine Cone Campground would be severely affected by the proposed amendment.
“We have never had, nor intend to have, the problems documented in the newspaper regarding campgrounds in (neighboring) Jackson,” the Becks wrote in a letter to Township Administrator Tom Antus, portions of which were published in the Farmingdale (N.J.) News-Transcript. “As business owners, we realize that it would be a detriment to our business to allow live-in residents to remain on the grounds in increasingly deteriorating trailers.”
The Becks said they have their own internal controls and a limited, six-month season for a clientele that, in addition to vacationers and full-timers, includes everyone from visiting Europeans and New Zealanders to families who want to be close to the New Jersey shoreline. Also part of the mix are individuals who stay in their units for extended periods of time while working in the area.
However, Mayor Raymond Kershaw said the amended ordinance is needed to protect the city from problems that could occur in the future.
The amendment would restrict the occupancy of any campsite to 15-consecutive days between April 1 and Oct. 31 and 21 days between Nov. 1 and March 31. Township committee members, who requested a copy of the Pine Cone Campground’s rules and bylaws, said they have no desire to negatively impact the couple’s business. Township Committeeman Anthony Ammiano also noted that the Pine Cone Campground has a good reputation.
“We’ll come up with something that works for everybody,” Township Administrator Antus said.