New camper from Phoenix

New camper from Phoenix

Editor’s Note: The following is a review by Truck Camper Magazine on a new unit from Phoenix Custom Campers with a pop-up, slideout, sofa, and pass-through. To view additional photos and read the entire article click here.

Phoenix Custom Campers has introduced the first pop-up, slide-out, flatbed, overland-ready sofa camper in history. Did we mention it has a camper-to-truck pass-through?  And a custom aluminum storage bed?

If we’ve learned anything from watching Phoenix Custom Campers over the years it’s this; expect the unexpected. Robby Rowe, Phoenix’s chief creative genius and resident camper artist, is capable of making a custom camper for just about anything.

Jeep JK?  No sweat.  Ford Raptor?  Easy peasy.  Ford Bronco?  That’s nothing.  Chevy Avalanche?  You bet.  Unimog? Find him a ladder, and it’s done. Robby could probably make a truck camper for an AMC Gremlin out of nothing but sardine cans and fishing wire, if he had too.

Even more impressive, Robby manages to make even the most insane of customer requests work.  Forget LED lights and solar panels, that’s kids play.  We’re talking about squeezing an enclosed bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower into a pop-up camper for a Tacoma.  Yes, that’s nuts.  And yes, Robby can do that too.

To view additional photos and read the entire article click here.