In response to a national controversy over formaldehyde gas and its potential effects, two Midwest companies have introduced products that they say will remove much of the controversial formaldehyde gas that may exist in new recreational vehicles and manufactured homes.
Engineered Bonded Structures and Composites Inc. (EBSC), Elkhart, Ind., claims to have successfully tested T102, a product with Japanese origins that oxidizes formaldehyde so that it becomes harmless and can be applied either on the production line or after a unit has been sold.
“It flips my mind what it can do,” said EBSC Executive Vice President Wayne Bigler. “But it works. You spray it on the carpet, the walls, the curtains and when it’s activated by sunlight, it disperses the formaldehyde into the air.”
The RV industry has been under criticism and the subject of congressional hearings with regard to formaldehyde in trailers sold to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to house victims of the 2005 Gulf Coast hurricanes.
Bigler said he tested T102 on three new FEMA trailers in Louisiana and three in Indiana, reducing the formaldehyde to only trace amounts of .0001 parts per billion.
A side benefit is that T102 also will decompose airborne bacteria, including cold and flu germs, according to Bigler.
Meanwhile, Chempace Corp., Toledo, Ohio, is marketing a product called Odor Absorb Supreme that it claims also will remove formaldehyde from the interior of an RV.
Odor Absorb Supreme, which Chempace says has been tested at an independent laboratory, was found to eliminate 23% of the formaldehyde gas in an RV within the first 24 hours, according to a press release.
Further, the product, which was tested in a gel form, changed the chemical composition of the formaldehyde, allowing the product to be safely disposed of in the trash.
Chempace plans to market Odor Absorb Supreme in a 14-ounce canister to manufacturers at the outset but hopes to sell it as an aftermarket retail product at a later date, Chempace President Rick Shall told RVBusiness.
“We’re pricing the canisters to be cost effective in the hopes that every recreational vehicle produced will have been treated before delivery to the dealership,” Shall said.
“Analysis of the formaldehyde concentrations within the environmental chamber revealed that the Odor Absorb Supreme samples diminished the free gas concentrations,” the company literature states. “A 25% to 30% reduction in free formaldehyde gas over a two-day period was observed during this study.”
Shall said Odor Absorb Supreme is “a low cost, scientifically proven solution to enhance the camping experience and the industry.”