logo_smallPress releases are among the most important marketing tools a business has, according to startup company Presshub.net. Yet many businesses don’t distribute press releases regularly because they don’t have the resources, budget or time.

As a result, companies don’t get the recognition they should, and journalists don’t get the news they need.

Presshub.net brings the two worlds together by making it easy and affordable for businesses to get their news out while providing a faster, more efficient way for journalists to find it.

With Presshub.net businesses can now publish press releases and up to three high-resolution images for a flat rate of $49, or a staff of professional editors can help the client create a professionally written press release for $124.

Qualified journalists can login to Presshub.net to find the news that interests them, and the site makes easy to find what they’re looking for with news filters, search tools and e-mail notifications.