Workhorse Custom Chassis LLC has announced the release of a Super Sport Chassis (SSC) option for its W20, W22 and W24 gas-powered motorhome chassis intended to appeal to RVers who want maximum power and performance.
The new model is aimed at the RV industry’s version of the muscle car crowd. “This is targeted at a very narrow band of customers,” said Bob Wert, Workhorse vice president of RV sales and product planning. “This is the guy who owned the Chevelle Super Sport back in the day and he wants to have the biggest, baddest machine around.”
Wert said the $3,579 option includes specially designed headers for the standard 340-hp 8.1 liter Chevy Vortec engine as well as Allison transmissions, special rear track bars, specially tuned Bilstein shocks, deluxe gauges and special badges.
“The SSC will have the ride and handling that you would expect from a performance vehicle,” Wert said. “Early tests indicated that 0-60 (mph) performance will be improved by 10%. And not only does it get superior 0-60 performance, it won’t lose any performance on highway passing or freeway merge.”
Wert said that the 16 manufacturers that build motorhomes on the larger W-series platforms will be able to offer the option without any engineering changes to their floorplans. “It doesn’t require them to change one thing in the build,” Wert said. “All the customer has to do is ask for the option. This is transparent to the OEM.”
Wert, meanwhile, reported that recent independent tests at the Bosch Proving Grounds found that the even without the SSC package, a standard Chevy Vortec engine on a W22 chassis outperformed Ford’s 362-hp Triton engine on a comparable F53 chassis, which provides the highest certified horsepower of any gasoline engine available to the RV industry.
Towing 4,000-pound trailers on 22,000-pound GVWR chassis, Wert maintained, the Workhorse coach accelerated from 0 to 60 mph in 31.5 seconds compared to 34.1 seconds for the Ford vehicle. The Workhorse unit, he added, also achieved a 50-70 mph passing speed in 20.2 seconds vs. 22.8 for the Ford; and 40-60 mph for merging onto an interstate highway in 14.3 seconds vs. 16 seconds. “The Vortec, coupled with the Allison transmission, provides the bragging rights for the best-performing motorhome out there,” Wert said.