New Zealand startup UBCO Bikes US, creators of the original 2×2 electric utility bike, has appointed ex-Honda sales executive Robin Fiore to help lead their push into the U.S. market.

According to a press release, Fiore’s career spans 23 years within the transportation and technology industry, including eight years at the dealership level as a senior district sales manager with American Honda motorcycle division.

“I have come from an ultracompetitive retail background and have worked for a manufacturer that strives to be the best on earth. Personally however, I have always strived to be a rebel dreamer, and am inspired to bring mobility to the masses,” said Fiore. “When I saw the UBCO 2×2 I immediately recognized what it represented and the multiple advantages its design offers – all-electric 2X2, a low center of gravity, great battery capacity, step-through design and near silence, just to name a few.

Recreational usage includes hunting, camping, RV touring and recreational riding. Recreation is a key sector for UBCO, especially in the United States, where 40% of the market is off-road recreational.

In 2017, UBCO came to the attention of U.S. technology investors Bob and Ethan Ralston and their U.S. expansion and acquisition company, Spring Capital. Distribution company UBCO US LLC, based in Eugene, Ore., was formed, with Bob Ralston joining the UBCO board and Ethan Ralston becoming UBCO US President.

With their investment, UBCO’s grown its presence with 200-plus bikes sold since June of 2017, 26 new dealers on board (on track for 50 dealers in the US by the end of 2019), and 166 new consumer enquiries in Q1, 2019, a 75% increase from Q4 2018.