Computer rendering of 2011 Newell Coach motorhome.

Computer rendering of 2011 Newell Coach motorhome.

Newell Coach Corp. announced that it has begun production of its new, 2011 models, with retail deliveries scheduled for the first of the year.

The new models feature updated styling by top automotive designer Jason Hill, founder of the cutting-edge design firm, Eleven LLC.

“The 2011 models include enhanced styling and increased power, as well as the state-of-the-art look, ride, and handling for which Newell is known,” said Boyd Vanover, Newell director of engineering for Miami, Okla.-based Newell.

The 2011 Newell coach will retail for around $1.5 million.

“The coach front and rear feature fresh new details,” Vanover continued. “For example, the high-performance, xenon gas-discharge headlights are placed behind clear acrylic lenses, bordered by distinctive, ‘string-of-pearls’ LED daytime running lights. And the front fascia trim now runs the full width of the coach, integrating with the outboard headlight assemblies. The finish of the fascia has been upgraded to an attractive, automotive-quality, hard chrome.”

“Customer response to the new models has been outstanding,” Vanover added. “We are already producing to sold orders.”

Vanover told RVBUSINESS.COM that the company decided it needed to create some excitement in the industry and opted to introduce its 2011 models at this time.

“We’re jumping the gun by only two months where we typically are,” he said.

Founded by Jason Hill in 2003, Eleven LLC is an eco-friendly design studio that focuses on design-driven vehicle design, design consulting and product consultation. Clients include international auto manufacturers and major after-market accessory suppliers. Current projects include the T3 motion vehicle, a zero-emissions, battery-powered motorcycle; and the ground-breaking Aptera Tpy 1 vehicle. Eleven LLC is located in Long Beach, Calif.