Luxury motorcoach by Newell

Luxury motorcoach by Newell

It’s all about luxury living at Newell Coach and taking the good life with you. As reported by the Miami News-Record, the manufacturer of motorcoaches located in Miami, Okla., was started in 1967 by L.K. Newell. Under the subsequent ownership and superb business acumen of Karl and Alice Blade since 1979, Newell has grown to one of the largest in the nation, creating 26 coaches a year.

The Blades, Chevrolet and RV dealers from Mount Vernon, Wash., at the time, were traveling through Miami in 1979 after picking up a motorhome in Georgia. They stopped at the Newell factory, saw an opportunity and purchased the plant with two partners and became sole owner in 1985.

Newell Vice President Chuck Evans described the 10- to 12-step handcrafted production process from start to finish, which made obvious the top quality design, construction and customization of the company’s motorcoaches.

First the chassis is welded together, the electric assembly comes next, the outer “skin”of the coach is assembled, the foam and wooden structure is put in place and more electrical, plumbing, cabinetry HVAC, and upholstery work is done in stages. There’s 12 to 15 miles of electrical wiring in each coach.

The final stages of the process includes chassis alignment, custom paint and a final check of all systems.

The coach is test driven, a finish punch list is completed, the vehicle is weighed and tested, and is detailed before delivery to the owner. The coaches average a finish weight of 53,000 to 60,000 pounds and 38 to 45 feet long.

The manufacturing process takes five to six months to complete.

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