Luxury motorcoach builder Newell Coach Corp. announced that in response to an increase in customer demand, it is boosting production levels of new coaches for the first time since 2008.

According to a press release, Miami, Okla.-based Newell has maintained a production level of 24 coaches annually for the past five years. Over the past six months, however, sales have gradually increased, with sales in January and February nearly doubling the monthly averages in recent years. The positive trend has continued into March and, as a result, beginning April 1 Newell will increase production to 26 coaches per year. If this trend continues, production will increase incrementally to an annual rate of 30 new units in 2015 — a 25% increase.

“January, February, and March this year have been very exciting for Newell, both in terms of new coach orders and in the sales of new and pre-owned coaches,” said Newell Coach President and CEO Karl Blade. “Our backlog has continued to strengthen. Expanding our production capacity on a carefully planned, incremental basis will support the strong trend in new coach sales and ensure that we can satisfy the increase in demand.”

Although most of Newell’s production is dedicated to custom-ordered coaches, the company also produces a limited number of show coaches annually, both for display and to provide immediate delivery for customers not requiring a custom-built coach. “For the first time in many years, we’re selling many of our show coaches before they get through production,” said Blade.” That’s a great sign and indicates that we need to increase our production of these coaches.”

“We’re finally seeing significant recovery from the Great Recession that has impacted our market since 2008,” Blade continued. “One of the positive outcomes of these otherwise disruptive events has been that Newell has more than tripled our market share among ultra-luxury motorhomes and is now the sales leader among this exclusive group. The current trends are positive, and we feel optimistic about the future. Our plans and actions reflect these improving economic conditions.”

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