A quick, semi-humorous, first-hand look at an inexperienced driver’s operation of a 40-foot Country Coach Intrigue Class A motorhome is in this week’s edition of Newsweek magazine.
Under a flattering photo of the Intrigue in the TipSheet section of the magazine, and its online edition (www.msnbc.com), is a piece written by David A. Kaplan headlined “I eat SUVs for Lunch!”
Kaplan wrote: “ ‘Say, Len, are you sure that stop sign is supposed to bend over like that?’ I gently asked my instructor as I lurch forward in this 16-ton, 40-foot-long Country Coach RV.
“It’s probably nothing, Len tells me, but to be sure, we stop and get out to take a look. Sure enough, I’d scraped the sign by taking the corner too tight, etching a mark of Zorrro on the side. I might’ve heard the collision, except for the 13,500-BTU air conditioners blowing, the dish-washer running, the Bose home-theater system pumping and my passengers chortling at my enthusiastic use of the horn.
“Who knew that anybody with a basic driver’s license would be allowed on the interstate at the helm of a $347,520 equivalent of a Greyhound bus?
“RVs are all the rage, especially among boomers. Last year, more than 250,000 were sold.
“There is little rental market for the behemoths, which tend to sell to RV veterans. The Intrigue is lavish and clever (it’s got a camera on the back with a screen on the dash) and sleeps four comfortably (at rest, the sides slide out three feet for extra living space).
“For a week a year on vacation, it’s a home on wheels. If you avoid running into things.
“TIP: This king of the road is so large it deserves its own gift shop. Short of that, consider the optional hot tub.”