The Go RVing Coalition likely will postpone a decision on whether to proceed with its fourth consumer satisfaction survey until the outcome of J.D. Power and Associates’ survey becomes more clear.
The coalition had expected to initiate the biennial proprietary survey during Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) Committee Week June 7-10.
Now, Jim Sheldon, chairman of the coalition’s Committee on Excellence said, the coalition may wait to see the findings of J.D. Power’s survey of RV owners before deciding whether to go ahead with another survey by Roper ASW, which would cost about $500,000.
“We probably would be best served waiting until September so we can see what J.D. Power is going to do,” said Sheldon, special assistant to the chairman of Monaco Coach Corp.
J.D. Power is paying for its own survey and then it will try to sell the results to RV manufacturers, Sheldon said.
Sheldon said that even if a decision is postponed until the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) convention Sept. 21-24 in Las Vegas, Roper ASW has assured the coalition that the study can be completed by early next year as originally planned.
“The more we have heard about what J.D. Power is doing, the more it’s like apples and oranges with what we’ve done in the past,” Sheldon said. “What Roper has been doing for us is more scientific with specific details for dealers about sales and service. At this juncture, I don’t think J.D. Power is going to be competitive with what Roper is doing for us. But it’s a little too early to tell.”
Market research and consulting firm J.D. Power announced in December it would conduct its first survey of RV owners in the spring of 2004.
All categories of RVs will be included and this spring’s survey will focus on the owners of model year 2000 through 2004 units, according to J.D. Power.
The company is encouraging RV owners to register online to become a member of a J.D. Power research panel and a summary of the results of the survey of RV owners will be posted on its website, www.jdpower.com.