NextGenAuto, LLC announced the official launch of NextGenRV, an interactive dealer and inventory management solution for RV dealers.

According to a company release, NextGenAuto’s state-of-the-art vehicle management system allows dealers to “stock, manage and sell units faster than any other solution in the market today and comes at a third of the price for a comparable product.”

“We are excited to announce the launch of the NextGenAuto Recreational Vehicle solutions, NextGenRV and the RV Consumer Solutions, to the recreational vehicle dealer market,” said Kartik Kakarala, CEO and founder of NextGenAuto. “Our suite of innovative solutions includes Equity Mining, Service CRM and many more that provide recreational vehicle dealers with the tools they need to generate new sales from past customers and manage their sales floor and operations.”

The tools for dealers included in NextGenRV include:

• Equity Mining Tool — Provides analysis of the dealers existing customer base, capturing and reporting on key information such as equity position, interest rate, current loan information and more, helping to generate new sales from past customers.

• Reporting Engine — Provides the dealership with key market data on comparable inventory units, average turn time and inventory aging. All from the data the dealer already has.

• Real-time Customer Session Management — Provides the dealership management team insight into each sales session and allowing them to track deals at any stage, from start to finish.

• Tracking Customer Information — From the first capture of information, to completing the financing, NextGenRV tracks each state in the sales process.

• Customer Wish List — If the dealer does not have the customers ideal RV, the NextGenRV solution can track that customers request, monitoring inventory and the surrounding market for that RV.

• Direct Marketing to Customers — Through the branded Dealers Mobile Application, dealers can reduce their direct marketing costs while targeting consumer that have the Dealers app on their mobile device.

• Service Management Solution – Allows customers to schedule service via their mobile device and allow two way communications with their customers.

NextGenAuto solutions now integrate with CDK Global LightSpeedEVO and LightSpeedNXT. Through this direct integration, NextGenRV enhances the dealerships’ ability to use its own data for mining of customer information and to enable direct, targeted marketing to their customer base. This also eliminates multiple entry points of data into the dealerships systems, providing direct feed of leads, inventory and merchandise into the NextGenRV/RV Consumer Solutions.