The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently recalled certain motorhome chassis assembled by Freightliner Corp. and Ford Motor Co.

The federal agency recalled 12,850 Ford F Super Duty model year 2000 chassis built between November 1999 and last June.

The Ford chassis were recalled because some may have a misrouted brake pedal position switch wire harness that could rub on the steering column, causing a short circuit and blown fuse, which would cause the brake lights to stop functioning. NHTSA ordered dealers to inspect the brake pedal switch wire harness and repair it if necessary.

NHTSA also announced three recalls affecting Freightliner, a unit of DaimlerChrysler Corp.

The agency recalled 5,032 Freightliner model year 1997-2000 XC chassis built between December 1997 and last August. On certain XC chassis built with Caterpillar engines and equipped with Felsted electronic accelerator pedals, the stainless steel or electroplated wire return springs could break, causing the accelerator to stick. NHTSA ordered the replacement of the return springs.

Also, 3,400 Freightliner model year 1999-2000 XC chassis assembled between May 1999 and last April were recalled by NTHSA. The recall was issued because, on some of the chassis, the components that hold the rear axle wheel covers in place may have been damaged and could result in the wheel cover coming off when the motorhome is in motion. Dealers were ordered to replace the wheel covers with ones designed to provide better retention.

NHTSA also recalled 10,460 of several series of Freightliner model year 1999 chassis. Included is the MC, which Freightliner believes was used in a few cases as a motorhome chassis. The recall was issued because the chassis was equipped with the Meritor WABCO Phase 1, D-version Antilock Brake System, which does not satisfy Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 105. NHTSA ordered dealers to reprogram the braking system on the MC chassis that are used as motorhomes.