The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently recalled 117 Shasta Class C motorhomes built by Coachmen Industries Inc. and 760 Kiwi travel trailers built by Jayco Inc.

The model year 2000 Shasta units were built between January and June of this year. They were recalled because the wiring for the 12-volt appliances inside the motorhome could come in contact with the exhaust manifold, according to NHTSA.

Over time, the shielding of the wire will degrade and could create an electrical short.

NHTSA ordered dealers to reroute the wiring and to add an additional clamp to permanently secure the wiring in a new position.

Meanwhile, NHTSA ruled that on certain model year 2000 Jayco JB Kiwi 23-foot travel trailers _ because all liquid storage tanks are located behind the axle _ the unit becomes difficult to tow at speeds above 50 MPH when the tanks are full or other materials are improperly loaded.

NHTSA ordered dealers to add more weight to the A-frame, revise the federal axle weight labels and towing instructions, and replace the tires with higher capacity tires to accommodate the added weight.

The recalled Kiwi trailers were built between August 1999 and June 2000.