The growth curve for National Indoor RV Centers (NIRVC) is progressing according to plan, as the company is poised to roll out its fourth location Friday (Feb. 1) in Las Vegas, Nev.

“It was an existing building, one exit south of the Las Vegas Speedway,” NIRVC President Tadd Jenkins told RVBusiness. “It was perfect for us, offering 225,000 square feet with five acres under roof that will accommodate 300 to 350 coaches regardless of size.”

The company’s calculated expansion strategy has been driven by a unique business model in the industry, offering customers a combination of full storage and concierge service that “takes the hassle out of RVing,” according to NIRVC CEO Brett M. Davis, who founded the company in 2009. 

NIRVC Continuing Expansion

                                             NIRVC Continuing Expansion

Jenkins related, “Brett bought his first coach in 1985. He was horrified by the service process, repulsed by the sales process and he couldn’t find a storage facility that he thought was secure enough for his diesel pusher motorhome. He decided to bring a brand new concept to the industry where customers come to us to have a hassle-free experience. 

“When customers call us 24 hours beforehand, we will have their coach ready to go. We go down to the smallest detail. People even give us a list of things that they want stocked for their travels. We also take care of washing and detailing the coach. Essentially, when they pick up their motorhome, they are ready to hit the road.”

The company has a projected five-year expansion plan to add locations “500 miles from anywhere in the lower 48,” Jenkins said, noting that in addition to Las Vegas, NIRVC currently has strategically placed locations in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix.

“The plan is if you’re driving on I-10 or I-80 you’ll always be 500 miles from an NIRVC store,” Jenkins offered. “It follows Brett’s original vision to create a network of service centers in the travel patterns of high-end coach owners.”

In 2014, NIRVC also entered the retail side, handling select motorhome lines from Entegra Coach Inc., Forest River Inc. along with Newmar Corp., “our primary staple product,” according to Jenkins. 

“While upscale storage is our main focus, we are also looking to grow our sales,” he said. “Our retail process is also very different from other dealerships, and our customers appreciate it. Sales are already up 40% over last year.”

Jenkins related that the company’s prime reason for moving into the Las Vegas market was to avoid all the regulations in California. 

“We absolutely wanted to tap that California market but we didn’t want to deal with all the oversight from the state,” he said. “Vegas was a logical alternative. It’s a huge draw for a lot of West Coast motorhome owners. We did a soft opening three weeks ago and we already have 110 contracts leased.”

Jenkins said that beyond Las Vegas, the company is also seriously looking at facilities in Central Florida, Chicago and Pennsylvania.

“Things are falling into place,” he commented. “We truly care about the customers. They are not just a number on a spread sheet. We want customers that came to us to have an experience. 

“I tell our people that if they don’t give out my cell phone, I’ll let them go. We want them to know that we care all the way up to the president. It’s just our way of conducting business.”