Electric camper vans have so far existed only as concepts, one-offs or limited edition conversions, but one of the biggest authorities in electric vehicles has stepped into the game with its own electric camper van.

New Atlas reported that at the Madrid Motor Show, Nissan announced an e-NV200 camper van. Whether you fill up with gas or juice up with electricity, Nissan’s new camper vans are a smart, compact way of touring country and continent.

Nissan announced the first deliveries of its new extended-range 40-kWh e-NV200 van in Madrid, the same day it showed the new camper vans. It would seem Nissan sees the boosted 124-mile combined range as sufficient to experiment with a camper van version. The new e-NV200s are built in Barcelona, and the camper van version is being launched in the Spanish market.

The e-NV200 is clearly the most interesting in Nissan’s new camper van lineup, but Nissan shows gas NV200 and NV300 models in its photos while stating that the modifications will also be available for the e-NV200.

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