Clearsource RV and No Dirty Water (NDW) are collaborating at the 2019 Quartzsite Sports, Vacation, and RV show, creating a one-stop location for RVers to buy RV water filtration and purification systems and parts. 

“The focus on quality and value that Clearsource brings to the table with water filtration is a perfect match with our revolutionary technology and top-of-the-line water purification systems,” said John Alashari, NDW business development, in a press release.

Clearsource RV and NDW will be set up adjacent to each other in the same booth during the entire Quartzsite show, which runs Jan. 19-27. 

No Dirty Water will offer its RV consumer kit that features an Activated Oxygen/Ozone Generator that produces pure, oxygenated and odor-free water. The system works to purify the entire RV water system.

Clearsource RV will offer several of iconic water filtration products including:

  • External 2 and 3 filter systems.
  • OnBoard 2 and 3 filter systems.
  • RustStop filter.
  • Replacement filters and accessories.