No Dirty Water (NDW), a supplier of portable activated oxygen/ozone-based water purification systems, announced that it would showcase the company’s proprietary products for consumer and commercial applications in Booth 31154-UL at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver, July 23-26.

According to a press release, NDW is focused on the development of portable, low-voltage, high-capacity activated oxygen/ozone-based water purifications systems designed to provide clean, healthy, great tasting, odor-free drinking water that is also environmentally responsible.

The systems provide a dual treatment process through a five-micron filter that removes sediment and harmful chemicals and an activated oxygen/ozone-based purification process that disinfects the water from common contaminants like E.Coli, coliform and legionella while improving taste and smell.

“The world today is facing a constant need for clean drinking water, and at NDW we have a passion for solving the world’s water problems and helping to create a better world. The NDW system is revolutionizing clean water with a portable low-voltage, solar-ready, lightweight and high capacity product to bring clean water to RV, marine, camping, hunting, home and outdoor adventure,” said John Sztykiel, founder of NDW.

In addition, NDW will be introducing the “Feelin’ Good” premium water in a box at the Denver show.

The Feelin’ Good box contains 10 liters of premium drinking water, filtered and purified to FDA and USDA standards for bottled water using NDW’s proprietary activated oxygen/ozone-based purification process.

One box contains the equivalent of a case of 20 500 milliliters bottles of water. One Feelin’ Good water box helps keep more than 15 plastic bottles out of landfills and prevents them from polluting the environment.

The product also features an innovative spout that helps water taste fresher, longer than a typical plastic water bottle, while maintaining a more pleasant, fresh smell.

During the show, No Dirty Water also announced a partnerships with Flex Watches, a designer and retailer of time pieces with a socially responsible focus.

NDW will be awarding a new Clean Water Classic Print Flex watch every 15 minutes during the media night on July 22 and on July 23-26 the company will had out a watch every hour.

Brad Lubinsky, COO at Flex Watches commented, “We are always excited to work with companies that understand the importance of giving back to our communities and making the world a better place. What NDW is working to achieve both in the domestic market and in developing nations, will make a difference for the 650 million people worldwide that don’t have access to clean, healthy drinking water.”