How high can prices for high-end pick-up trucks go?

Right now, there’s no end in sight.

USA Today reported that over the past several years designers have continued to push the limit, elevating the price of high-end pickups past $50,000 and then past $60,000. And that’s just for the full-size pickups. The average price for most high-end versions of the larger heavy duty pickups exceed $70,000.

Today’s top-of-the-line trucks have heated steering wheels, heated and cooled seats, aluminum wheels, along with all of the latest high-tech features such as rear-view cameras and blind spot monitoring systems — not to mention enough chrome to blind onlookers on a sunny day.

Every time Detroit’s Big 3 automakers — General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler — roll out a higher-level truck they discover there is even more demand than they anticipated, leading executives to predict the industry will continue to push the limit.

“Have we found the ceiling yet? I don’t think so,” said Stuart Pierce, marketing manager for the GMC Sierra.

In 2014, what a consumer paid for a car or truck sold in the U.S. hit a record high average of $32,386 — a 17.5% increase compared with 2004, according to Edmunds.com, while the average transaction prices for the entire pickup segment has risen to $40,696 over the same period, a 41.3% increase.

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