Originally envisioned as weighing just 50 pounds, and with a pullout drawer to extend its length for sleeping, the camper created by inventor Paul Elkins was designed for maximum efficiency. It had to endure winds of 60 mph, heat of 100-plus degrees, according to gas2.org. And it’s not merely fuel efficient. It uses no fuel at all. And best of all, this makeshift bike trailer-home was created from what Elkins just happened to have lying around. The whole thing was made out of what he describes as: “…misc this and that. It’s whatever I had kicking around at the time, and that’s how anyone would have to do it if worst came to worst.” tiniest_trailer2Among other things, he used fluted plastic “like what’s used for election signs”, 3/4-inch square aluminum tubing salvaged from an old satellite dish and a recycled card table, in an attempt to show how one might survive a post apocalyptic life. And Elkins’ worst case scenario doesn’t look too bad. There’s the option to cook outside on a solar oven or on a butane stove.