Labor Day Weekend and the end of the summer season is quickly approaching but yet there is still no sign of RVs on the Wildwood, N.J., beaches, according to a report by NBC 40, Linwood.

“It’s actually one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard of,” said Chris Henderson, a member of the board for Wildwood Ocean Towers.

Weeks after a promising period where many thought that recreational vehicles would hit the Wildwood beaches this summer, there is still no sign of RVs on the city’s beaches but still plenty of controversy with people who are against the idea.

“I definitely don’t want to see them on the beaches here” said Dennis Herrighty, summer renter at Wildwood’s Ocean Towers.

The city had posted stakes on the south end of Wildwood off to host parking for 80 RVs on its beaches but those poles were recently removed. That gave Ocean Tower employees and residents some hope that the idea may be out the window.

“We are hoping that it is on the back burner,” said Henderson. “We have several pending sales with people waiting to find out what the decision is on the RVs. They are interested in purchasing a beautiful oceanfront property with a magnificent view but they don’t want it to overlook a RV park.”

But Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano says the posts being removed doesn’t mean that RVs won’t be strolling through the city’s beaches sometime soon.

“We’re just looking at some issues that came up and trying to resolve those and move forward,” said Troiano. “As it stands right now, were looking at different problems that were arisen by people complaining as well as those who have legit concerns.”

And that the possibility of moving the potential RV site just a few blocks away from the Ocean Towers is now a possibility.

“There are a couple of different places, different areas, that may not be impacted as much that we are looking into” said Troiano.

While some feel that the RVs would bring a boost of business to the South end of the boardwalk that doesn’t see much action, hundreds of petitioners against the idea are not backing down anytime soon, which makes you wonder when exactly RVs will hit the Wildwood beaches.