It started with a leaky roof.

Ten years ago, Pat Noble had purchased a used popup camper straight from the farmer who had owned it. It was in good shape, so Pat was certain it would stay that way.

Think again.

Southernminn.com reported that looking back on the purchase, he notes that if he had bought it from a dealership, there would have been someone at the point of sale who would have filled him in on the basic maintenance of the camper.

Not necessarily so when you buy it straight from the former owner, he says.

“Nobody told me how to take care of it,” he says.

So when it rained, Pat noticed a brown ring forming at one point in the camper’s popup roof.

Not knowing anything about fixing leaking roofs on pop-up campers, but not afraid to find out, Pat popped on the computer and Googled “camper roof sealer.” Thousands of websites came up, including one from Houston, Texas, on which Pat Noble found the sealant he was looking for.

But he found more — oh, so much more.

“Looking at the website, I couldn’t believe how massive it was,” Pat says.

That’s when he picked up the telephone and called his big brother, Mike, and told him to take a look at the website.

“It piqued his interest,” Pat says.

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