Too much noise while traveling down the highway tops the list of complaints among motorhome owners, according to a survey conducted by Jayco Inc., the Indiana manufacturer that will enter the Class A motorhome business this spring.

Jayco hired Memphis, Tenn.-based Message Factors Inc. to survey 400 motorhome owners so it could learn from other manufacturers’ shortcomings.

The motorhome owners responding to the survey complained about noise from the engine, from wind traveling around the unit, from the tires and various squeaks and rattles, said Wilbur Bontrager, the Jayco chairman.

“Couples told us they have a tough time carrying on a conversation or listening to the radio or CD player while driving,” Bontrager said. “Unfortunately, many of them feel that this is an inevitable irritation that they’ll be forced to put up with, no matter what motorhome they purchase.”

“The conventional wisdom is that the floorplan is the No. 1 factor people consider when buying,” said Jayco President Bernie Lambright. “That may be true, but our research shows it to be a basic element that essentially every manufacturer satisfies.”

Adequate holding tank capacities, interior and exterior styling and quality workmanship are the other attributes that motorhome owners insist upon, Lambright added.

Here are some other survey findings:

Motorhome owners see their rigs as inexpensive ways to travel but they are concerned about the cost of maintenance, repairs and fuel.

More than 50% of those questioned were dissatisfied in some way with the motorhome they owned.

About 60% of those questioned said recent increases in the cost of fuel would have no impact on the amount of use they will give to their motorhome.

Survey respondents less than 60 years old generally are more satisfied with their motorhome and see more value in their rig than respondents above age 60.