NomadFEST, an event created by Nomadic Life Films and organized by EPIC Nomad TV to host the world premiere of “RV Nomads: The Movie,” has officially sold out of the 400 tickets available for the first showing of the film. The event will include a content creators summit, film festival and a plethora of additional events for full-time nomads.

Set to take place Oct. 18-22 in Wellington, Texas, organizers said the level of enthusiasm shown for the film and NomadFEST has surpassed their own lofty expectations. They believe it is reflective of “the groundswell that is taking place in the RV movement combined with the immense popularity of the RV influencers cast to appear in the movie,” according to a recent EPIC Nomad TV release.

“It’s amazing that we’ve sold out more than five months in advance for an event that is the first of its kind, for a movie that has barely started production,” Caitlin Morton, the event’s director, stated. “It just shows you how much excitement there is for this project, and how much interest there is in the nomadic and RV lifestyle. It also shows how incredibly supportive and tight-knit our RV community is. We are humbled by it and are incredibly motivated to make this movie and event the best they can be.”

NomadFEST will likely put Wellington, a small panhandle town of 2,000 residents, on the map. The farming community can only be found by venturing far from any major interstate, highly populated urban area or large city. At first glance, the town appears to be the last place anyone would consider for such a large event. Yet organizers are finding it a perfect fit for the gathering with an agenda that includes exploring the local life.

NomadFEST campers will be staying at the fairgrounds in Wellington while the movie premiere and related events will be held at the historic Ritz Theater. City officials are working with organizers to ensure the event goes smoothly and have made many resources available to help make it a success.

Due to the early sellout, organizers have responded with new arrangements to extend the event and its premiere, with expected attendance to exceed 500 RVers by the time it rolls into town. While all general admission and VIP tickets are now sold out, an overflow camping field is being made available to accommodate additional guests for a second screening of the film.

A highlight of NomadFEST is the world premiere of the feature length film “RV Nomads – The Movie”, a feature-length film documenting the lives of those living full-time in recreational vehicles. The cast includes some of the most influential full-time nomad YouTubers and bloggers found online today, including Less Junk < More Journey, RV Love, Mortons On The Move, Drivin’ and Vibin’, Exploring The Local Life, Hebard’s Travels, Pau Hana Travels, Chickery’s Travels, RVChickadee, More Than A Wheelin’, Always On Liberty, Audrey Callahan and Outside Is Calling.

More information can be found at RVNomadFEST.com.